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 We are so pleased you are taking the time to discover more about our beautiful oak quilt hangers, but now it's time to tell you more about us.

    My wife and I started this business in July of 1999. At that time we were new to the quilting industry, but we were not new to quilting.  My wife, Lorie, is the quilter in the family. She has been quilting since the time she could hold a needle without doing serious damage to herself.  She learned quilting mainly from her grandmother who made beautiful full sized quilts, all hand pieced and hand quilted.  Since then Lorie has moved toward wall hangings since they are quicker to make and can be used to decorate our home. 

   Once Lorie had several wall hangings finished and we couldn't find a hanger to our liking, she asked me to make her something out of wood.  I designed and made her what became our 10" Little  hanger (no longer available).  It used miniature clothespins to clamp the quilt and had decorative rosettes on each end covering the clothespins. She loved it and so did others who saw it.  So we decided to start selling through an ad in a quilting magazine and that was the start of our Little business.

      In the months that followed, we expanded our small line of hangers by introducing new sizes and selling wholesale to quilt shops across the country.  After receiving numerous requests for larger quilt hangers, we designed  the SOFTouch™ Series line of hangers, our first being the SOFTouch Classic. The design worked so well, we decided to apply for a patent. After many months of patent pending, we received patent number 6,547,200.

In October of 2000, we had the pleasure of attending our first International Quilt Market in Houston.  It was quite an experience, being our first show, but we really enjoyed it. The quilt shop owners who saw us there were amazed at how easy our hangers were to use and how nice they looked.

After Quilt Market, we launched our web site and started work on the design of what is now our SOFTouch Designer™ and Mini Designer™ hangers. About a year later we took these newest hangers to the Quilt Odyssey show in Pennsylvania and a few months later to the International Quilt Market (our second year) and Festival in Houston. The response we received was unbelievable. Quilters couldn't believe how easy the fabric inlay was to use. You could almost see the gears turning in their heads as they stood there looking at our displays and imagining what they could do with these new hangers.

We gradually added more quilt shows each year. We have traveled more than a little and met some great quilters. We have done shows from Chicago to Houston, and from Gettysburg to San Diego Two of our favorite shows to do is the one in Quilt Town, USA; Paducah, Kentucky and Road to California show in January. We love escaping the cold weather here in January once a year and enjoying sunny California.

Beginning in 2008 we reduced the number of shows we do each year to two shows, the Paducah Quilt show in Kentucky and the Road to California show in Ontario, California. There's a very good reason we've reduced our show schedule; on Valentines Day 2008 we added to our family. We adopted three precious little girls.

Later, we decided to at least temporily discontinue the quilt shows. We love seeing everyone and getting feedback from all of you in person, but right now it is too much of a strain on our family. This website is going strong and we will continue to make our SOFTouch quilt hangers, probably long into retirement. Who knows, maybe one of our girls will find a husband who enjoys woodworking as much as we do.

We continue to work on new designs and explore possible improvements to our existing line of quilt hangers. Be sure to let us know if you have a different idea for a hanger you would like to see us make.

Until next time. . . . .

Happy Quilting,
Rob and Lorie Dilworth 





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