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See for yourself how easy it is to hang your quilt

    This video shows how our patented clamping system works and how easy our Slide-lockô hanging system is to use.  The first segment of the video shows the clamping system which uses two foam cords embedded into the hanger to actually grip the quilt. This system of clamping uses less pressure than other hangers and gives you even clamping across the entire length of the hanger. Not only is this the safest clamping system, it is also the easiest, as you can see on the video. 
   Sorry, apparently you do not have the proper plug-in to play this video. The second segment of the video shows the Slide-lockô hanging system. The display I am using in the video is the same one we use at the quilt shows to demonstrate how to mount these hangers to the wall. It has a clear plastic back board with two screws attached to it, reproducing the way you will hang it on your wall at home. With this display though, you can see what will be happening on the wall behind the hanger when you engage the Slide-lockô pieces. This locking system prevents the hanger from being knocked off the wall inadvertently. You can also see with this system, you have the ability to reposition the hanger anywhere along the groove in the back (those studs are never exactly where you want to hang your quilt) You can also probably imagine that you can hang different sizes on the same screws without putting more holes in your wall. 



If you are using a dial-up connection it will take a few minutes to load the video, but it is well worth the wait. We didn't include sound with the video, the included text explains what you are seeing.


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