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Our SOFTouch™ line of quilt hangers features a very unique clamping system designed to make hanging your quilt much easier, while providing the gentlest clamping on the market. Your quilt is held between two pieces of foam.  It is so unique we have received a patent (Patent # 6,547,200).  Please click onto the Video web page to see a more  detailed explanation of the hangers operation.
    The SOFTouch Classic™ hangers are not only easy to use, they make your quilt look great.  By eliminating the knobs found on so many wood quilt hangers sold today, we were able to mould the front of the hanger with our own custom knives designed especially for this hanger.  All SOFTouch™ Classic hangers feature the beauty of  solid oak, stained with your choice of three different stains to compliment the colors in your quilt.

We now offer an optional shelf that mounts to the top of our SOFTouch hangers. Two stainless steel pins keep the shelf in place and allows for easy removal when its time to change your quilt. We make the shelves in sizes up to 72".

These quilt hangers offer the following features to make your life as a quilter easier:

  • Quick and easy SOFTouch clamping

  • Height of 2 1/2 " with solid Oak construction throughout

  • The hanger body hinges open to make installing your quilt easier

  • A hanging slot runs the full length of the hanger to simplify mounting the hanger to the wall

  • A locking device built into the hanging slot provides a secure mount

  • The moulded face enhances the beauty of your quilt

  • Optional 3-1/4" wide shelf with plate groove

  • Stain colors: Golden Oak, Cherry, Dark Walnut, Antique White
    or unfinished

  • 30 day money-back guarantee

  • U.S. Patent # 6,547,200

SOFTouch Quilt Hangers




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