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This is the first and only quilt hanger, (as of this writing) that allows you to decorate your hanger using the same fabric you used to make your quilt. As you can see from the picture above, the quilt and the hanger come together, giving the viewer the impression that you've had a custom hanger designed just for your quilt.

You can expand the design possibilities even more by purchasing the optional oak insert. It is inserted into the same groove as the fabric insert so you can switch between the elegant look of the oak insert and the matching fabric insert.

Imagine being able to customize your quilt hanger for every quilt you want to hang.  The possibilities are almost endless, as you can also piece together several different fabrics as you would in making a quilt and then insert this into the hanger. Embroidery, redwork and even cross stitch can be used in the same way.  About the only limitation to what you can do is your own imagination.

Using our fabric inlay system, you can change the fabric in your hanger any time you like. You can even change the look of the same quilt just by changing the fabric in the hanger or by using the oak insert. We've included four pictures of the same quilt shown above to give you a small sampling of what you can do with our SOFTouch Designer. Two of the pictures also show our optional Shelf and you can see the impact it has on the overall impression.

The SOFTouch Designer features our patented SOFTouch™ clamping system so hanging your quilt will be quick and easy. You can also be assured that your quilt will not be damaged because it is gently clamped between two layers of foam. Check out the following features.

  • Quick and easy SOFTouch clamping

  • Included Fabric insert or optional Oak insert

  • Height of 2 1/2 " with solid Oak construction throughout

  • The hanger body hinges open to make installing your quilt easier

  • A hanging slot runs the full length of the hanger to simplify mounting the hanger to the wall

  • A locking device built into the hanging slot  provides a secure mount

  • Our custom moulded front enhances the beauty of your quilt

  • Optional 3-1/4" wide shelf with plate groove

  • Stain colors: Golden Oak, Cherry, Walnut, Antique White
    or unfinished

  • 30 day money-back guarantee

  • U.S. Patent # 6,547,200

Order your SOFTouch Designer quilt hanger today and see how good your quilt can look!

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