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These quilt hangers are the smaller version of our SOFTouch Designer line, designed to hang the smaller wall hangings under 21" across. They feature the same patented SOFTouch clamping system and our fabric insert. 
The Mini Designer allows you to change the fabric in the hanger every time you change your quilt, just like the SOFTouch Designer™. The design possibilities are almost endless.
These hangers come in five sizes ranging from 10" to 21".

   These quilt hangers offer the following features to make your life as a quilter easier:

  • Quick and easy SOFTouch clamping

  • Our Fabric Inlay System

  • A saw-toothed metal hanger installed on the back for easy hanging

  • Height of 1 3/4" with solid Oak construction throughout

  • The hanger body hinges open to make installing your quilt easier

  • The custom moulded front enhances the beauty of your quilt

  • Stain colors:  Golden Oak, Cherry, Walnut, Antique White or unfinished

  • 30 day money-back guarantee

  • U.S. Patent # 6,547,200

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