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Are you wondering how to hang your quilt, tapestry, flag or rug? There are many varieties, but only two major types: compression and rod. The rod style requires you to sew a pocket on the back of your quilt to accept the rod used for hanging. The compression type clamps the quilt between two pieces (usually wood). SOFTouch quilt hangers use compression to hold the quilt, but they have unique features which protects your quilt, makes hanging your quilt easy and also adds to the beauty of your display. Listed below are a few things you should consider before making your purchase.

  • How easy is it to insert and clamp the quilt?
  • Will you have to modify the quilt (add a rod pocket)?
  • Is the clamping system safe for the fabric?
  • Is it easy to mount on the wall?
  • Will it be securely attached to the wall?

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SOFTouch Quilt hangers offer you the following benefits: 

Patented SOFTouch clamping system (exclusive)

Slide-lock hanging system (exclusive)

Solid Oak construction throughout

30 day money-back guarantee

Free lifetime replacement of the end-blocks if they fail for any reason

Free lifetime replacement of the foam used for clamping if it becomes unusable

Our SOFTouch quilt hangers have the following features:
  • Quick insertion and clamping - our SOFTouch quilt hangers hinge open to make inserting your quilt easy. The quilt is inserted while the hanger is lying on a flat surface, making it very easy to get everything straight. Once it's in place, you simply close the hanger and a quarter turn of each end block secures it. A sleeve or rod pocket isn't required, so you don't have to modify your quilt in any way. Consider this when comparing our SOFTouch hangers to others that claim the quickest and easiest hanging.
  • SOFTouch clamping - uses two foam cords to apply gentle even clamping pressure. Because the foam conforms to the different thicknesses in your quilt (seams & bindings), it applies even pressure across the entire length of the hanger. This virtually eliminates stress points caused by uneven clamping.
  •  Slide-Lock hanging system - a hanging slot runs the entire length of the hanger.  The entire slot is fully open to the mounting screws so you can hang many hanger sizes on the same screws. This also allows you to position the hanger where you want it and not have to settle for where the studs are. Once in position, you slide the locking pieces over the screw heads and it's mounted securely to the wall.
  • Optional shelf - we now offer a shelf you can add to your hanger. The shelf sits on top and is held in place with two stainless steel pins. This allows you to easily remove the shelf whenever you want to change your quilt.

Would you like to learn more?
Click here to check out our SOFTouch Clamping System Video

Imagine, after having hung your quilt on the wall, you step back and see it for the first time, the way it was meant to be displayed. There is something special about seeing your quilt hanging on the wall, framed beautifully with the warm, rich look of oak.

Karen from Annapolis, MD had this to say:
I just received my quilt hanger the other day and I just want to say how much I love it. It's exactly what I needed for my wall hanging...thank you so much for making such a beautiful, high quality product!...I get compliments on your design ALL THE TIME...My wall hanging looks amazing with your quilt hanger!"

If you're looking for the best way to display your quilt then
Step up to a SOFTouch™ Quilt Hanger today 


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