Quilts and Wood

Hi, my name is Lorie Dilworth. My husband, Rob, and I own Lorie’s Little Quilts. We
appreciate your interest in our quilt hangers. Now let me tell you a little about our
My earliest memories of spending time with my grandma include watching her work
on quilts and teaching me to do so as well. Each one was hand-pieced and hand
quilted in an old, worn wooden quilting frame my grandpa made for her. My
grandparents lived in a small house on a farm so when it was time to put the quilt in
the frame it was set up in their kitchen. The quilt would be there for many weeks as
she painstakingly sewed each stitch, taking pride in her small, precise stitches.
Before the quilt was finished, someone in the family had already laid claim to it so
she ended up giving away most of her quilts. I also remember spending time out in
my grandpa’s shop building things out of wood. I found out years later that he would
cut up good lumber so I would have scraps to work with. I have such fond memories
of my grandparents and the time I spent with them. I know they’re the reason I love
quilting today. They created in me a passion for working with my hands and making
things that I can be proud of.
Many years later I fell in love with miniature quilts but I couldn’t find a way to
display them very well. Out of desperation I hung them with sewing needles. After
some time my husband, Rob, decided to step up to the challenge of making a quilt
hanger for my miniature quilts. He came up with a crafty little hanger that ended up
being very popular and so began our “little” business. We sold thousands of those
little hangers over several years but not that many quilters make miniature quilts.
We kept getting request after request for larger quilt hangers so Rob designed what
is now our SOFTouch line. We wanted a quilt hanger that would display and highlight
the beauty of the quilt but also be easy to use and safe for the quilt. Our SOFTouch
quilt hanger is the result of that goal and has evolved over the years as we
continued to improve on the original design. Rob even made or modified several
woodworking machines that allow us to make a quality product and do our work
more efficiently.
We’ve been making quilt hangers since 1999 and for us it’s a family affair. Our two
teenage daughters who are still living at home help us out with assembly and
packaging. I know they’re learning to value working with their hands as well. I hope
to instill in them the same love of quilting as my grandma gave me and I hope they
will look back with fondness at the time we spent together making quilts.

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